Lincolnshire All-Age Autism Strategy

Autism strategy for Lincolnshire

We are pleased to present Lincolnshire’s All-Age Autism Strategy 2019-2022, which has been developed by the Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board (LAPB). This builds upon the work that has already been progressed as part of the first local autism strategy for the county that was launched in 2015.

The purpose of this strategy is to set out our objectives and strategic direction over the next three years. We want to support autistic people of all ages and their families, so that they have an equal opportunity to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. This document outlines our commitment in Lincolnshire to do more to help autistic people and how we intend to deliver on the objectives set out within the national autism strategy at a local level.

The LAPB is responsible for overseeing the delivery of this strategy. It consists of a range of representatives from partner organisations and stakeholders, who are working in collaboration to try to push this agenda forward and develop ways of improving services and support for autistic people. The LAPB includes professionals from health and social care, education, mainstream public services, voluntary sector organisations and, importantly, autistic people and their family members and carers.

In developing our local autism strategy, the main focus has been on how we can achieve the 15 Priority Challenges for Action that are set out in the government’s national autism strategy. We have identified some key themes and issues locally that we will aim to prioritise and we will implement an action plan to address the concerns that are of most importance to autistic people and their families in Lincolnshire.

We welcome as many public services, partner organisations and members of the community joining us to help deliver this strategy and ensure that Lincolnshire is a place that respects and supports all autistic people who live here.

There is also a summary version of the strategy available.