Autism Partnership Board

Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board:

The Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board is responsible for the delivery of the action plan contained in our local strategy. The Autism Partnership consists of representation from health and social care, children’s services, education, other mainstream public services, voluntary sector organisations, as well as autistic people and their families/carers.

The Lincolnshire Autistic Society, along with a number of autism support groups established in the county, are key organisations involved within the Lincolnshire Autism Partnership. This enables us to engage with autistic people and their families to ensure that we hear about local views, concerns and support needs directly from people with a lived experience of autism.

The Lincolnshire Autism Partnership is the major format for obtaining local views. It ensures that decisions about support and services for people with autism are co-produced by autistic people and their family members. As part of the attempts to strengthen the Partnership, the need to support autistic people to be involved has been a driving factor. Reasonable adjustments, such as the use of communication cards in meetings, have been introduced.

Engagement Groups

The Partnership Board has established a number of working groups to implement the strategy action plan, looking at specific areas, including Awareness and Training, Data and Information, Service Provision, and Involvement of autistic people.

The Involvement working group, known informally as the ‘A-Team’, predominantly consists of autistic people and ensures that decisions made within the Autism Partnership are co-produced. An Autism Lived Experience Forum has also been set up, which meets to discuss particular themes and topics that may be of interest to autistic people and their family members. Issues raised at these meetings can then be fed back into the Autism Partnership to review and resolve as necessary.

The Lincolnshire Autism Partnership will continue to work with and listen to people with autism, their families and other key stakeholders to improve services and support for autistic people in the county. It will identify gaps in information and attempt to collate and analyse data from different sources to gain a better understanding of support needs for people with autism in Lincolnshire. This will help to identify services that people with autism are either using or require and target the need for reasonable adjustments to be made to help people access support that they need.

Implementation of Lincolnshire’s Autism Strategy continues to be progressed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following;


  • Introduction of Autism Champions across statutory health and social care services, schools, business sector, community services/settings
  • Introduction of an Autism Reasonable Adjustment Mark for health and social care services, businesses and public settings
  • Introduction of a local Autism Information Hub to ensure that information and advice is available to assist people with autism and their families to get the support they need
  • Ensuring that there are clear and appropriate pre and post diagnostic pathways for both children and adults
  • Increased opportunities and signposting of appropriate autism training packages that are available for parents and professionals

Building community capacity to ensure that autistic people play an active role in the community and are supported to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives